Finance ClimAct

Session 1. Sustainability, impact and retail savers’ expectations – do we have the tools we need?

Jun 1, 2021 | 7:15 AM - 8:00 AM


Impact is a multi-scale topic with important implications for Finance ClimAct work related to retail financial products’ design and marketing. As we improve our understanding of retail savers’ expectations regarding the financial products they pick, it seems useful to question market players’ practices and product offerings. With the EU Ecolabel for retail financial products soon to be released, the European Commission aims at harmonizing practices and support policy objectives in favor of a more sustainable kind of production and consumption within the EU. From financial system-wide impact to “impact investing”, finance stakeholders increasingly take into account how their decisions can drive change within the economy and help achieve these goals. They have been working out under which conditions they can claim a contribution to such change. In turn, these developments highlight the need for awareness-raising and information campaigns targeting retail savers. The roundtable will bring together: - Samia Baadj (Manager, 2° Degrees Investing Initiative) - Aurélien Girault (Sustainable finance and CSR Policy Officer, Ministry of the Ecological Transition) - Vincent Kiefer (Ecolabel Economist, ADEME) - Léonard Pirollet (Policy Officer, Autorité des marchés financiers) Mathieu Garnero (Project Director, Finance ClimAct, ADEME) will facilitate the roundtable.

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