Finance ClimAct

Session 2. Climate reporting – where are we now and what’s next?

Jun 1, 2021 | 8:15 AM - 9:15 AM


France has implemented an unprecedented program to set new standards of quality and ambition, on both climate disclosure and commitments Along with a strengthening of the French regulation (Decree 29 on climate disclosure, climate commitment supervision), Finance ClimAct provides French actors with the tools to measure their alignment, identify actions to effectively achieve climate objectives and communicate on them. The Sustainable Finance Observatory aims to report on the commitments and the progress achieved. The Climate Transparency Hub is a platform allowing the centralization of climate information and the harmonization of practices on the best standards. Building on improved practices, these tools are helping build the future of climate reporting. The roundtable will first describe the current landscape, best practices and lessons learnt, before discussing how these reporting exercises may look like five years from now, based on current trends and regulatory developments. The roundtable will bring together: - Guillaume Castelbou (Climate Expert, Autorité des marchés financiers) - Anne-Claire Ducrocq (Head of the ESG Team, BNP Paribas) - Pauline Gille (Climate Analyst, ADEME) - Anuschka Hilke (Program Director Financial Institutions, I4CE) - Thibaut Ghirardi (Managing Director, 2° Degrees Investing Initiative France) will facilitate the roundtable. - Raphaël Lebel (Head of the Sustainable Finance Observatory, Finance for Tomorrow), will close the session with a presentation of the commitments and achievements supported by the Sustainable Finance Observatory.

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